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About Northaven

Mail and Visit

Northaven United Methodist Church
11211 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75230-3457

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Phone and Email

All church ministers, staff, and lay leaders can be reached at:

Phone: 214-363-2479
Fax:   214-373-3972

For biographical information, visit our Staff page.


 Contact     Phone
(add suffix: @northaven.org)
 Church Office      church
 Mindy Dague-Lowery
Office Administrator  228  mindy@northaven.org
 Eric Folkerth    

Senior Pastor      222  eric@northaven.org
 Stephanie Rhoades

Minister of Music and the Arts  223  stephanie@northaven.org
 Beth Schuessler    

Minister to Children  225  beth@northaven.org
 Misty Farris

Minister of Congregational Life

 259  misty@northaven.org
 Chuck Cummings

Building Supervisor    chuckc@northaven.org
 LauraMay Sorkin

Minister of Youth & Communications

 224  lauramay@northaven.org
 Kathy Delsanter

Director, Northaven Cooperative Preschool    Visit http://northavencoop.com
 Lay Leadership for 

 Passage Meditation / Bob Stewart   

 2nd Community Series / Bob Stewart