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About Northaven

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Northaven United Methodist Church
11211 Preston Road
Dallas, Texas 75230-3457

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Phone and Email

All church ministers, staff, and lay leaders can be reached at:

Phone: 214-363-2479
Fax:   214-373-3972

For biographical information, visit our Staff page.


 Contact     Phone
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 Church Office      church

 Mindy Dague-Lowery
Office Administrator  228  mindy
 Eric Folkerth    

Senior Pastor      222  eric
 Stephanie Rhoades

Minister of Music and the Arts  223  stephanie
 Beth Schuessler    

Minister to Children  225  beth
 Mahlon Hight    

Minister of Congregational Life  259  mahlon
 Chuck Cummings

Building Supervisor    chuckc
 LauraMay Sorkin

Minister of Youth & Communications

 224  lauramay
 Susan De Kam  Organist    susan

 Kathy Delsanter

Director, Northaven Cooperative Preschool    Visit http://northavencoop.com
 Lay Leadership for 

 Passage Meditation / Bob Stewart   

 2nd Community Series / Bob Stewart