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About Northaven


The Northaven Covenant Funds is overseen by the Covenant Funds Trustees and is comprised of two separate funds:


The Celebration Fund receives memorial and honorary gifts which can be designated toward a specific category or can be unrestricted.  The areas generally designated to honor someone or given as a memorial gift include building & grounds, music, fine arts, a lecture series, or some special need.  These funds are paid out based on written requests approved by the CF Trustees for programs or projects outside the operating budget of the church.  In the past these funds have been used for the framing of the Wesley banners, upgrades to the organ, support for youth mission trips, and the purchase of two DVD projectors for use in the Sanctuary.  Memorial and honorary gift donors are published in the church atrium quarterly.


Larger contributions are welcomed and encouraged for funding the Permanent Endowment Fund.  This fund provides members and friends of the church an opportunity to make gifts to the church that will become a permanent endowment of financial support and a living memorial to the givers to continue their witness in the world.  The objective of this fund is to achieve significant long-term performance while maximizing current income.  Our investment is in the Texas Methodist Fund’s equity and fixed income securities and cash.  Disbursement of funds is on a yearly allocation of a portion of the money based on the average balance over three years for requests for missional purposes such as experimental ministries, new outreach, creative services, scholarships or unusual expenses for real and personal property owned by Northaven UMC. 


The Trustees promote planned giving by members of Northaven through their estate by will or other testamentary gifts, as well as direct gifts of property or assets during their lifetime.   Our opportunity to grow in this area is emphasized by our Covenant Society, made up of those members of Northaven who have included the church or a designated program of the church by testamentary gifts in wills, trusts or IRA plans.  An event in gratitude of these members is held each year.


Recent gifts granted by the Covenant Funds include:

  • Exterior landscaping
  • Purchase of two DVD projectors for Sanctuary use
  • Support for youth mission trips
  • Electronic equipment used in the Atrium

 "Road to Resurrection" . To view this program, please click here.

Current Trustees are Lynette Hendricks, Chair, Dotti Timmins, Kate Anderson, Ray Harris, Randy Ray, and Julie Reeves.

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