Saturday, April 25, 2015


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Cornerstone Class Offerings

Meeting in Room 237 at 9:30 a.m.


This class specializes in substantive presentations on a broad range of theological and social justice topics, drawing on authoritative materials and often inviting presenters with special expertise in the area of interest.  Some attend this class regularly and others attend when the topic is of particular interest to them. 


Jan 4 - Feb 15   "A Call to Covenant" (section III of Living the Questions 2.0)

We engage with the seven final lectures of LtQ 2.0 — a remarkable overview of progressive Christianity today, presented by an ecumenical, multi-racial array of 30 theologians, scholars, and social justice advocates.  The topics of Section III are: inclusiveness, social justice, incarnation, prayer, compassion, creative transformation, and embracing mystery. 
Presenters: Bill Beauchamp and various class


Feb 22 - Mar 1   Francis of Assisi (1181-1226), Quintessential Christian Saint

Son of a wealthy merchant in the Italian city of Assisi, Francesco Bernardone eventually renounced his privileged life, divested himself of all worldly goods, and preached the gospel of poverty, compassion and social justice. Francis’ influence has been felt across the centuries. 
Presenter: Denise Dupont


Mar 8 - Apr 26   The Spiritual Brain: Science and Religious Experience

A DVD based course taught by Dr. Andrew Newberg, Director of Research at the Center of Integrative Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital (Philadelphia).   We’ll hear eight of the 24 lectures: Why Do We Have a Spiritual Brain?; Brain Function and Religion; The Myth-Making Brain; The Brain and Religious Rituals; The Believing Brain; Why God Won’t Go Away; The Mystical Mind; Reality and Beyond.
Facilitator: Bill Beauchamp