Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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Cornerstone Class Offerings

Meeting in Room 237 at 9:30 a.m.

This class specializes in substantive presentations on a broad range of theological and social justice topics, drawing on authoritative materials and often inviting presenters with special expertise in the area of interest.  Some attend this class regularly and others attend when the topic is of particular interest to them. 

Class Coordinator:  Bill Beauchamp bbeaucha@mail.smu.edu

February 2 - March 2 — Moments in the Long History of  “GLBT” People in the West:  From David and Jonathan  to  Emily Dickinson

Week I Categories, Models & Issues 

Sex, Gender,  Transgender, Sexual Orientation….

Week 2 Same-Sex Love in Antiquity

“Heroes and their pals”:  Gilgamesh & Enkidu (Babylonia); David & Jonathan (ancient Israel);  Achilles & Patroclus (archaic Greece).

Gods, emperors, and their boyfriends:  Zeus & Ganymede (archaic Greece); Alexander & Hephaestion (late classical Greece);  Hadrian & Antinoüs (imperial Rome).

Women loving women:  The poetry of Sappho (archaic Greece).

Men loving boys:  Plato’s Symposium (classical Greece). Erastes and eromenos:  hierarchies of sex, class, age, status, and role.

Week 3 The Christian High Middle Ages  “Ganymede and Helen” (Anonymous, 12th century)

Week 4  The Renaissance & Golden Age (15th-16th-17th Centuries)

Male to male love poems: Michelangeo’s sonnets to Tommaso de’Cavalieri (Italy); Shakespeare’s  Sonnets (England); Caravaggio: the homoerotic gaze (Italy)

Female to female love poems: Sor Juana Inès de la Cruz and the Vicereine  (Mexico/Spain)

Week 5  “Romantic  friendship” (18th and 19th Centuries)

Between women: The Ladies of Llangollen (UK),  Emily Dickinson & Sue Gilbert (US)

Between men: Walt Whitman, the “Calamus” section of Leaves of Grass

Presenter:  Bill Beauchamp

March 9 - April 20 — Finding the Meaningful Life: God, Faith and Daily Living 

We are constantly seeking to make sense out of what is happening in life in one way or another. We want so much to feel that our lives are truly meaningful and be at peace with life. Join others in discussing what it takes to find that meaningful life and what God and our faith in God have to do with it.

Presenter:  Ben Marshall

April 27 - May 11 End of Life Decisions: Spiritual, Medical & Financial


A three-session class exploring end of life decisions led by a panel of experienced professionals. Spiritual, medical and financial decisions interact and overlap; they affect each other.  Sub-topics include palliative care, hospice care, pain management, estate planning, medical power of attorney, medical bankruptcy, and the like.   We will consider questions such as the following:  If 90% of people surveyed say that they want to die peacefully at home, why then do less than 50% of them actually do so?

Presenters:  Kathy Dickson, manager of pastoral care at Texas Health Presbyterian; Dr. Betsy Schenck, physician; and Joel Pugh, retired CPA and financial counselor