Thursday, October 23, 2014


  Membership    Stewardship Campaign


Stewardship is the way we share the gifts and assets we have been given through the grace of God with our church community. On Sunday, October 6, we began our 2013 Stewardship campaign. Pledge Sunday will follow on October 20.


We ask members to begin their prayerful consideration now about their pledge to our church in support of our mission and programs for the next year, to “Engage Your Heart, Your Mind, and Your Spirit,” and imagine the possibilities that exist for our church in the year ahead.


Your extravagant generosity last year allowed us to take more steps in becoming the church God is calling us to be.  This year we hope to take the next steps in becoming that church with your continued support.


Imagine the possibilities.


Eric Folkerth          Ken Benson
Senior Pastor        Chair, Stewardship




2013 Pledge Card  



What Stewardship Means to Me


This past year the Stewardship Commission asked select Northaven members and others to write an essay on “What Stewardship Means to Me”  which were published in our church newsletter. We’ve reproduced them again on this page for your review and enjoyment.