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  Mission & Outreach
Mission & Outreach


The people of Northaven have a longstanding and passionate commitment to outreach, inclusiveness, advocacy, and justice for all. They support this commitment with their energy, talent, time, and contributions. The congregation annually designates a significant portion of its giving to mission, both locally and internationally.


The Church in Society Commission is intentional about all of its programming efforts, attempting to carry out Northaven’s Mission Statement: As one body of Christ, the people of Northaven are committed to sharing God’s love for the world through ministries of compassion, peace, justice and reconciliation.


For more information, please visit these pages: Local Mission, International Mission, Reconciling Initiatives, Social Justice.

CIS Mission Statement (Adopted April 7, 2013)

“The Church in Society strives to be a prophetic voice of Northaven UMC by sharing God’s love through ministries of compassion, 

peace, justice and reconciliation. We provide leadership and raise awareness through educating, motivating and empowering 

ourselves, our congregation and our community. We are called to reflect and act, guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ.”


Church in Society Position Statements

The Church in Society Commission has developed position statements on the environment, living wage, and immigration reform. We invite readers to contribute their ideas and opinions in order to further the conversation and deepen our understanding of the issues. Also included on this page is a summary of a beginning conversation on undocumented immigration held at Northaven in March, 2008. Our hope is that our conversations on these issues will help the Northaven community find creative ways to put our faith into action.





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