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Mission & Outreach


Many Northaven members share their faith, their time, and their talents by volunteering at a number of Dallas area agencies.


Christ's Foundry

Christ's Foundry, formerly known as the Bachman Foundry, is a mission United Methodist Church. As part of the North Texas Conference's Vision 20/20 campaign, the initiative was taken in 2001 to plant a Spanish-speaking church in the Burnet/North Bachman neighborhood. The name "Foundry" was chosen in the tradition of John Wesley's old canon foundry that he converted into a church/social center for the urban London poor. In that tradition, Christ's Foundry has sought to minister to the spiritual and temporal needs of the residents of this neighborhood.


Christ Foundry pastor Rev. Owen Ross leads a morning worship service at 11:30 at Walnut Hill United Methodist Church located just north of Walnut Hill and Marsh Lane. Christ's Foundry also holds Sunday evening services in Christ's Foundry's sanctuary, the Upper Room, a converted utility storage room. All worship services are in Spanish. The Family Life Center, a converted apartment next to the Upper Room, supports an ambitious agenda of after-school programs, ESL classes, community organizing, and much more. It is also the location for their "Thursday Night Fiesta," a vibrant ministry to the youth of the neighborhood. 


Christ's Foundry continues to grow and in 2007 began a capital campaign with the goal to build a new building to house Christ's Foundry. The future site of Christ's Foundry is located at the intersection of Webb Chapel Road and Park Lane. Northaven continues as a Covenant (supporting) Church for Christ's Foundry, and Northaven members continue to volunteer in Christ's Foundry ministries.


Learn more at http://www.christsfoundry.org

Project Transformation

Project Transformation is an organization that provides summer reading programs and other activities for under-served urban children. College interns apply to take part in the six week summer program. Partner churches—and Northaven has always been one—provide volunteers to help the interns, going one-on-one with elementary-age children, listening to them read for thirty minutes and then engaging in discussion. The partner churches provide supper for the interns from time to time.


Learn more at http://www.projecttransformation.org/.

Human Development Fund


Northaven’s Human Development Fund (HDF) was established in 1969 for the purpose of extending Northaven’s mission of compassion and justice to urgent needs of the wider community. Learn more here.

North Dallas Shared Ministries


Learn more at http://www.ndsm.org.