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  Music & Arts
Historically, music and the arts have been an important part of the mission and ministry of Northaven. Music stirs the soul and lifts the spirit in worship, and those who create music enjoy a unique sense of fellowship and service. The Arts, including not only the visual arts but also drama, dance, and preparing the sanctuary for meaningful worship, have increasingly enhanced the life of our community. Many talented volunteers give themselves to the task of making this happen and you are invited to become one of them.



Music at Northaven


  • Minister of Music and the Arts: Stephanie Rhoades
  • Organist: Susan De Kam  
  • Composer in Residence: Jane Marshall

Music Groups

Northaven's musical philosophy is one of diversity both of people and of style--from classical organ literature to South African songs of protest.  We incorporate a variety of music from around the world with a particular emphasis on songs of social justice. The Methodist heritage of lively hymn singing is carried on proudly at Northaven.

There are also opportunities for children, youth and adults to participate in an ensemble. We would love to have you share your gifts. If you would like more information on any of the groups listed below, please contact Stephanie Rhoades, Minister of Music & the Arts.

Music groups to which you can attach yourself and make music include:

  • Children’s Choir—For children in grades K-6.  Meets immediately after church on Sundays for a light snack lunch followed by rehearsal from 1:00-1:45 p.m.  Children are welcome to participate throughout the school year.
  • Youth Ensemble—For youth in grades 7-12.  Meets on Sunday evenings from 6:45-7:30 p.m.
  • Adult Choir — Open to anyone 18 and older. No auditions.  Rehearsals on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in the Choir Room.
  • Ringlieders — Handbell choir for adults. Membership by invitation. Contact Stephanie Rhoades if you are interested.  Rehearses on Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. in the Bell Room.


The Roy Redman Organ

One of Northaven's treasures is the pipe organ in the sanctuary. Built in 1973 by the Fort Worth organ builder, Roy Redman, it is one of the finest small organs in the city. The money for the organ was raised by Winkie Stroube and many members of the congregation participated in its construction and transport. Enhanced with additional stops and electric action, the organ was reinstalled in Northaven's new sanctuary in February 2006.


Special Music Events

Throughout the year special music events are presented for the community at large, often using professional musicians along with that of our own membership.

The Arts at Northaven


Northaven is blessed to have among its membership a number of professional artists, writers, architects, dancers, play wrights, actors, landscape and interior designers. Such interest in art and culture is a blessing in  many ways and is reflected not only in the building itself but also enhances the sense of joy and beauty for all who enter it.


There is a great deal of liturgical art throughout the church. A small but powerful sculpture of Christ emerging from the tomb by the prominent local artist, Henri Bartsch, sits a table just in the Atrium. The altar table, pulpit, and part of the organ case were all created by the same artist and were a gift to the church from Jarrott and Anna Marie Harkey. As part of the move to our new sanctuary Ben Marshall created a lectern to match these furnishings. Paintings by Northaven members Joan Hogge, Wini Lynn and Gay Solomon are also displayed in the church. A group of liturgical artists called the “Theological Threads” creates all kinds of fabric art for our worship in the sanctuary. The newest addition to the Northaven art collection is the wood carving of the Last Supper. It was given to the church in August of 1997 to honor the 5th anniversary of Linda Brown's ministry.

The Methodist Heritage Banners

Another set of treasures is found in the Sanctuary Gallery. In the midst of our new and modern sanctuary, you will find banners depicting Methodism's history from its roots in 18th century England to the present. The explanatory paragraphs underneath each banner were written by the late Albert C. Outler, one of the greatest of all John Wesley scholars and a former member of Northaven. They were designed by J'Ann Pybas and made by a group of more than two dozen members in 1984 to celebrate the bicentennial of Methodism in America.  View a PowerPoint presentation on the banners.



           Christmas Pageant



Roy Redman Organ


 "There's a Meeting Here Tonight"

Heritage Banner