Called To Be: Connect

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We cannot fulfill our purpose as salt and light in isolation.  We have to connect in order to be a catalyst. When sea salt is connected with chocolate, it enhances the flavor…it’s a catalyst.  In the same way, light does not have function without darkness. When I take a piece of stained glass and hold it up to the window to connect it with light, something extraordinary happens.  The light shining through pieces of colored glass precipitates a moment that otherwise cannot occur.   

When we, the church, connect with our community and with each other, we function as salt and light.  We are catalysts that bring out God colors and God flavors. What that means is that our function as the church is in relationship with others.  What is light that is hidden under a bushel?  What is salt that is not applied to something else?  And what is the church if it is not in relationship with others?

Part of our identity as the church has to do with sharing everything we have learned about being human, about being in relationship with God, about being salt and light…everything we know through our faith in Christ. We do that insofar as we connect to the world around us.  And that connection will not always take place here in the sanctuary. The first word of this “Great Commission” is to Go! So our connection with the community may take place at Fish City Grill or on the Northaven Trail or at Town North YMCA. It might take place at a Pet Palooza on our grounds or a Halloween Carnival on our parking lot or a book study at someone’s home or at a Saturday gathering to make Puente Pal dolls.  

There are a million ways to connect and to do it with the intention of forming relationships that can deepen and become authentic communities, communities of belonging.  More than ever I am convinced that opportunities to connect are a crucial part of our ministry because there is deep need in our culture to belong…not just to fit in, but to truly belong.