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Inspired: Fish Stories

There are occasions in life when the experience we have with another human being or with God is so extravagant, so bold, so precious that we have to use exaggerated language to talk about it truly. The Bible is full of stories that are too good to be true, almost-but-not-quite-believable stories of miraculous, mysterious events. Rachel Held Evans calls these “fish stories.”

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Inspired: Gospel Stories

In the Kingdom of God goodness shows up, grace shows up.  And grace changes us.  Weeds may always be weeds but people can be transformed.  So, we are called to let go of our judgment and refrain from plucking out the possibility of transformation.  If we leave anyone out or if any one of us feels unwelcome then we miss the opportunity to cooperate with the grace of God to influence positive change.  

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Inspired: Stories Of War

The antidote to hostile texts of the Bible is more Bible. As Christians we read all stories through the lens of the cross. As Rachel Held Evans describes it: If God became flesh and blood in the person of Jesus, the cross proves that “God would rather die by violence than commit it.” Jesus bore the brunt of human cruelty and remained faithful to the God of love.

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