The Northaven Covenant Funds

Thank you for your interest in Northaven United Methodist Church’s Covenant Funds.
This is a resource page and includes our fund descriptions, some resources as well as helpful links and downloads.

To make a donation of this type, please contact Mindy Dague in the church offices to make arrangements.
Email Mindy | Call Mindy at 214-363-2479

Northaven’s Endowment Fund

Larger contributions are welcomed and encouraged to fund the Endowment Fund. This fund provides members and friends of Northaven an opportunity to make gifts to the church that will become a permanent endowment of financial support and a living memorial.  Thes Endowment Fund is invested in balanced equity funds.  Each year,  a small percentage of the balance of the fund is distributed to be used to fund special requests for projects at Northaven outside of the budget.

The Endowment Fund yearly withdrawal is used exclusively for purposes such as experimental ministries, new outreach, special mission projects locally and beyond the local church as well as unusual expenses for the maintenance, repair, alteration, and replacement of the real and personal property owned by Northaven. Requests for distributions consistent with these purposes are encouraged. Please contact the chair of the Covenant Funds Trustees. Covenant Funds Trustees sponsor educational seminars on life planning issues such as Wills and Estates, Charitable Giving, and Retirement Planning.

Northaven’s Tribute Fund

This fund contains pre-designated fund categories for projects which are not funded by the operating budget of the church. A few examples are the Church building and grounds, furnishings, the kitchen, music & fine arts, outreach programs, lecture series, new member outreach, the library and scholarships. We welcome all contributions designated for the Tribute Fund which can be put to work immediately in many areas.

A donation may be designated for an immediate need of the church, an interest of the donor for a project not funded by the operating budget, or undesignated to be used as appropriate requests are made.

Giving Resources

How To Give:

Gifts are welcomed and encouraged from members and friends of Northaven UMC. Such gifts can be made by direct donation, by testamentary gift under a Donor’s Will or Trust, or through a Charitable Trust.

Guidelines for Making a Testamentary Gift to Northaven

Making a gift through a Will or Living Trust

There are 3 options for making a gift through your Will or Living Trust:

• Determine a specific dollar amount you wish to give,
• Determine a percentage of the estate you wish to leave,
• Select a specific asset held by the estate, as long as it passes under the Will.
An example of the latter would be an investment asset, such as shares of stock held by a brokerage account that passes under the Will.

To implement a change to your Will or Living Trust, a codicil to the original document must be prepared to outline your wishes.  An attorney should be consulted to discuss your wishes and prepare the document, which is normally a very simple document that can be prepared quickly with minimal time involved.


Downloads & Guides

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Covenant Funds Flyer 

Covenant Funds insert 

Covenant Funds Web Flyer

Road To Resurrection Booklet

Download the Road to Resurrection Booklet for print here, or view it as single pages to be read online here.