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Become A Godparent


In 2018 Northaven’s BECA Godparent program partnered with María Madre de Los Pobres Parish in San Salvador, El Salvador to support 16 students. Current godparents can renew sponsorships through Alternative Giving on December 2, 9, or 16 in the Atrium.

New godparents are always needed.  Contact Liz Roberts for more information.  New godparents can donate through Alternative Giving also, and specify the grade level of the student to be sponsored.

How The Program Works:

Godparents sponsor children on different levels. Sponsorship levels are $300 for students up to age 14, $360 for youth 14 and older, and $500 for university-level students.  Sponsorships can be and are shared.

Godparents are paired with a student.  Students typically send cards to godparents once or twice a year, and godparents receive report cards in order to keep abreast of the student’s standing.    

About Education In El Salvador

Education in El Salvador is not free. Godparent sponsorship monies are used to purchase school supplies, uniforms, shoes, health screenings, and food, as well as to partially fund salaries for program staff members who closely monitor students selected to participate.

Gang violence is rampant in El Salvador, and families live in fear as well as in poverty.  The obstacles faced by members of the community can only be overcome by providing a chance for education with the hope that students grow into adults who will lead the effort for change in that country.  Northaven’s godchildren in El Salvador need our continued support now more than ever.  The number of students participating in the program overall has dropped significantly due to gang activity, and it is important that we do whatever we can to ensure that as many children as possible benefit from the program.

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