Faith In Texas

A Progressive Church Partnership

Faith in Texas is a multi-racial faith movement for social justice. We are an affiliate of the Faith in Action national network, the nation’s largest network developing civic leadership in low- and moderate-income faith communities to advocate for economic and racial justice.

Their work involves bringing new voices into Texas public life! Faith in Texas trains teams of lay leaders in local churches, mosques and synagogues, serving low and moderate-income people. These Justice Teams identify systemic problems that affect their community, and move entire congregations to action through powerful policy campaigns. In our divided state, Faith in Texas creates space for empathy, storytelling, and shared action across the boundaries of race, religion, and economics. 

By 2020, our organization of 200 congregations will move over 75,000 people to action. Our Texas 20/20 Vision is for our communities to govern a majority of cities in North Texas and Greater Houston, in order to move a multi-racial agenda to end predatory lending, protect immigrant and Muslim families, scale-down mass incarceration, and provide quality public education for all children. Faith in Texas was built for such a time as this. Over half of Texans draw their deepest values and relationships from their faith traditions. To achieve lasting change for working families in Texas, we need people of faith to bring their best values into the public square.

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