Serving Guatemala


ODIM Guatemala is an organization that exists because people like you believe that this world can be a better place. We dare to believe that compassionate, competent and comprehensive medical care and education are possible even in the poorest places on earth. We believe that working together with the people of San Juan and San Pablo la Laguna is better than going it alone. We believe that there are many people in this world who believe as we do, and it is with you that we offer the chance to partner—as volunteers, donors, and allies. Believing as we do, we can move mountains.

Northaven’s Human Development Fund grants further the work of ODIM in two Mayan communities of Lake Atitlán. ODIM aims to improve the quality of life of members of these communities through health services and educational programs. ODIM focuses on empowering members of the community to have a hopeful future for themselves and their children. Projects include:

  • Clínica Sanjuanerita: A medical clinic/education building in San Juan La Laguna, and Clínica Chuitinamit, a medical clinic/education building in San Pablo La Laguna, provide primary care services to the people of San Juan and San Pablo La Laguna. In conjunction with WINGS of Antigua, Guatemala, ODIM coordinates training of Mayan women in family planning and conducts cervical cancer detection clinics.

  • Mamá y Yo Saludable Program: Guatemala has the 4th highest level of malnutrition in the world for children 5 years and younger; and the community of San Pablo La Laguna reflects the harshness of this reality. As an answer, ODIM created a comprehensive nutrition program “Mamá y Yo Saludable.” The model for this program is a global initiative called “The First 1000 Days” in which pregnant mothers are offered healthcare, education, peer support and food assistance through the first 1000 days of life of their child; giving that child the chance to develop mentally and physically in this window so critical to the child’s future.

  • Health Promoter Education: ODIM has trained approximately 25 local health promoters from San Juan and San Pablo. The health promoters reach out into the community to help create sustainable healthcare that will lead to prevention and better lives for the people. Health promoters lead classes in basic first aid, nutrition, hygiene, common illnesses and diseases, basic anatomy and body systems, and diabetes care.

  • Beca Program: ODIM also provides scholarships and a tutoring program for 19 of the poorest children in San Pablo La Laguna. Scholarships provide children in San Pablo with the resources and support they need to attend and succeed in school. The donations for this program cover registration, monthly tuition, books, supplies, school and gym uniforms, two pairs of shoes, and four hours of tutoring per week. $600 covers all of the program costs for a scholarship recipient for one year.

  • Staff Scholarship Program: ODIM provides partial scholarships to staff members who wish to pursue a degree in health or education in order to better serve ODIM clients.

  • Home Construction: Volunteer teams from the US work with local craftsmen to build two-room, cinder block homes for families in San Pablo La Laguna who are most in need of safe, healthy housing.

For more information, visit, their Facebook page, or email ODIM.