Progressive Christian Church Partnerships


Northaven’s Church in Society Group works with the Dallas Area Christian Progressive Alliance (DACPA) to offer the Faith Voices on Justice Series, the annual Good Friday Walk and other social advocacy events throughout the year.

For more information on events and gatherings, sign up for the DACPA newsletter (click here).


What The DACPA Believes…

  1. We are an organization of Christians from diverse traditions that strives to present a united, balanced and clear prophetic perspective about vital issues in the public discourse.

  2. We believe in a Creator God who has charged us to be stewards of this earth and to care for all living things upon it.

  3. We believe Jesus and the prophets called for repentance and spoke for God when they demanded justice of the people and governments of the time. We believe that sin is both personal and institutional and when we abandon the principles of justice and the common good, we are living in sin.

  4. We worship a mighty God who steps into history to take up the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

  5. We believe in the communal responsibility for the wellness and wholeness of all of society, particularly for the most vulnerable.

  6. We believe that Jesus practiced inclusion of the most excluded people, and that if we wear the name “Christian,” we must do the same.

  7. We follow the teachings of Jesus, who lives among “the least of these” and gives comfort to those who suffer. To trivialize our faith by turning it into a commodity (“Got Jesus”) or to reduce it to a self-help method or “get-rich-quick” scheme is not compatible with our faith.

  8. We believe that God is a God of peace and that Jesus blessed the peacemakers. Thus, we believe that individuals and societies are compelled to seek non-violent and just resolutions of conflicts.

  9. Our Bible is made up of ancient words, and in order to bring those words into our times, it is important to find out as much as we can about the people, history and struggles of that time, as best as we can. We believe that we should learn and reflect as part of our regular religious practice. We believe in the on-going revelation of God’s truth.We believe in the importance of the first and second commandments, to love our God with all of our heart and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. And to live as if we believe both of these things.