About Us

Northaven is a church steeped in social involvement. Since our founding in 1955, Northaven has been a distinctive congregational voice in Dallas for peace and justice. Through our Human Development Fund and volunteer participation in many local service organizations, there is are opportunities to practice Jesus’ teaching to “do unto others” through compassion and love. Internationally, Northaven teams travel annually to volunteer at two church-supported missions: a parish in El Salvador with a calling to community outreach and a health care project in Guatemala.

We at Northaven are committed to offering our time, talents and financial resources in service to our Creator, so you’ll find abundant opportunities for sharing, serving and growing.

Our Staff

Rev. Marti Soper Senior Minister

Rev. Marti Soper
Senior Minister

Lauramay Sorkin George Minister of Youth

Lauramay Sorkin George
Minister of Youth

Larry McCain Organist

Larry McCain

Stephanie Rhoades  Minister of Music & The Arts

Stephanie Rhoades
Minister of Music & The Arts

Mindy Dague Office Administrator

Mindy Dague
Office Administrator

Craig Howard Minister of Families and Community Engagement

Craig Howard
Minister of Families and Community Engagement

Vicki Morgan Co-op Preschool Director

Vicki Morgan
Co-op Preschool Director


Northaven’s History

Founded in 1955, Northaven grew steadily through the 1950s and early 1960s, establishing itself as a church of vital worship and preaching and social outreach. Such notable theologians as Paul Tillich, John A. T. Robinson, and Schubert Ogden gave lectures at Northaven and led the community into deeper understandings of the Christian faith and life.

Many people in the church took a vigorous stand against the war in Vietnam during the late 1960s and early 1970s, once again making Northaven a distinctive congregation within the city. A cooperative preschool and kindergarten was started in the late 1960s and has been one of Dallas’ finest ever since. In 1998, Northaven voted to become the 148th church to join the national network of churches called the Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN), all devoted to making the United Methodist Church more inclusive of all people. In 2005, Northaven moved into its new building, marking the beginning of a dramatic and exciting new era in Northaven’s history.

Among the hallmarks of the church are a vital worship and music experience, interest in the arts, outreach to the community and beyond, and sensitivity to inclusiveness and fellowship.

Learn More About Northaven


Northaven’s history was published in 2011 in a booklet and DVD titled On the Shoulders of Giants. The intent of this history is to illustrate, through the stories and quotes of the writers and through personal interviews, how Northaven has evolved culturally since its founding. It shows that, over the years, Northaven has maintained its founding principles of progressive theological education, contemporary worship celebration and outreach to those in need locally and around the world.

Copies of this booklet and a DVD are available in the church atrium at the Welcome Table.


The Pastors of Northaven

1955 Addison Cutter
1958 William Holmes
1966 James Hares
1967 William McElvaney
1973 William Slack
1977 DeForrest Wiksten
1983 James Sanders
1985 C. Bourdon Smith
1991 John Thornburg
2001 Eric Folkerth
2018 Marti Soper